Joomla Plugin


Users of the Joomla CMS can use the Joomla plugin to automatically embed a Revisionator document into a Joomla article. With it, you can incorporate the Revisionator's crowd sourcing and revision control features into your Joomla web site.


  1. Download and install the plugin to your Joomla site.
  2. Goto the document revision history page and click the share button, and select Joomla from the drop down list.
  3. If you want to allow crowdsourced input to your document, select the Show Edit Button option. An edit button will appear alongside your document so users of your website can propose changes. Make sure your document is moderated (the default), so you can OK any changes before they appear on your site.
  4. Click OK and copy the provided text into your Joomla article. The text will be replaced with the most current non-private version of the Revisionator document when Joomla displays the article.
The plugin will cache Revisionator documents locally to cut down on latency and load on the Revisionator servers. It will take a few minutes (default is 5) for a new version of the document to show up on your server. You can change the default cache timeout and clear the cache through the Joomla administrative interface.
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